Mobile Phones for Business

Choose between Jet eSIM and Jet SIM – or combine the power of both.

Whether you have a fleet of business mobile phones or you face the difficulties arising from staff using their personal mobiles for client calls Jet has the solution for you. Jet has two distinct mobile product sets to help businesses of all sizes. Both are managed via your Jet Hub platform.

Jet eSIM - A second mobile number on your mobile

Do you run a business using your personal mobile phone or have staff making and taking calls on their personal mobile phones? Jet eSIM is the answer.

The App Driven eSIM

Built around Telstra’s leading Australian call and data network Jet SIM is the answer for great coverage and data speeds. Jet SIM is a ‘SIM only’ mobile product or what is commonly referred as a BYO Phone plan where you supply the hardware and Jet supplies you with a new SIM card.
Telstra Business Mobile
Business Mobile with Reports

Jet SIM the Telstra driven Mobile service by Jet


Yes via VoIP
Yes via conventional Mobile GSM
SMS Text Messaging




No – images and photos are not supported natively but can be sent via links from your cloud storage applications such as Apple iPhotos, Google Photos, Drop Box, etc



All Apple iOS and Android based mobile phones

All manufacturers


Make and receive calls and SMS from anywhere in the world you have data coverage. Calls can be made out to any eligible countries. SMS can only send be sent to Australian Mobiles services

Anywhere in the world you have 2, 3, 4 and 5G coverage (depending on your roaming plan when outside Australia)


100% App driven

Native handset phone and SMS systems

Australia’s Business
Cloud Telephone Network