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What makes Jets' Business Phone System special?

Business Phone System for mobile & deskphone

From 1 to 10,000 extensions.

Each extension has supports up to 3 devices at same time.

Manage call flows across staff, departments offices.

All inbound and outbounds calls per ext and agent.

Between your Jet Inbound Numbers, Business Phones and Jet Mobiles.


The basics to cover any business

Call Transfer

This can be done via a desk phone or via Jet App.
Jet’s business telephone systems supports ‘Hold’ of a call along with both Cold and Warm transfer. Whether you are picking up your call from a Jet desk phone or a Jet Phone App on your mobile you can first pick up a call from anywhere and place it on Hold. Once on hold you can Cold transfer it to someone without an introduction or do a Warm transfer where you speak to the second party and introduce the calling party before connecting the call. Both transfers methods can be used to transfer calls to a number on your Jet network – desk phone or Jet mobile number – or an external number.


Press ‘1’ for Sales, Press ‘2’ for Customer Service, Press ‘3’ to start automating your calls with an IVR from Jet Interactive.

An IVR or Auto Attendant as they are often known as can make a small business seem larger and more professional and are vital for large business with staff in different departments. Combined with Call Queues and Ring Groups – IVRs are one of the most efficient ways a business can automate and prioritise inbound calls. The Call Whisper function can tell the operator what IVR option the caller selected before the call is put through.

Call Queue

Call Waiting

Manage a second caller on your phone.

This will work on any device that has the capability of handling two concurrent lines. This includes desk telephones and mobile phones. During the initial call a second inbound call can be heard ringing. Depending on the device you can put the first call on hold while you answer the second call, hang up the first call to take the second call and even merge the calls to speak to both parties. Jet supports all options. The exact functionality is dependent on the phone hardware being used.

Ring Groups

Calls to a particular Jet business number can be shared amongst multiple staff or agents.

There are two common types of Call Groups or Rings groups – Sequential and Simultaneous . Sequential Ringing is where a staff extension is dialed first and if not answered in the required time a second number is then dialed. Any number of extensions can be added into a Sequential Ring Group. Simultaneous Ring Groups allow a predefined list of extension numbers to ring at the same time when that group is called.

Unified Messaging

Collect your voicemails away from your desk phone.
You no longer need to get back to your desk phone to check and listen to voicemails. Besides your ability to take and make calls from your Jet App on your mobile or laptop while away from your desk all voicemails can be either emailed to you or found within your Jet Hub portal.


Jet stands out from the crowd

Multi Device Pick Up

Take and make calls from multiple devices. Each extension on your Jet Phone System can work on up to 3 designated devices.

This includes desk phones, Android and Apple iOS mobile phones, tablets along with all desktops and laptops. You can have all devices ring at the same time and you pick up the one that is more convenient for you.


Call Recording

record your inbound calls across any extension, call queue or inbound numbers.

The most powerful and fully integrated call recording platform for business phones and call centres. Use Jet’s ‘Drop and Drag’ interface within your Jet Hub interface to build recording capability anywhere within your Jet telephone system. To find out more click on her.

Jet Hub

This is the heartbeat of your Jet Telephone Network. Control and order all your inbound, outbound and business local telephone numbers.

Add and change Ring groups, call queues, call flows, messages, recording and IVRs with a click of a button. No coding, no programmers or IT resources. Set up business telephone system within minutes.

Call Flow Builder

Manage the way calls move between staff, departments, buildings, cities, states and times. You are in total control.

Call flow builder is one off the most important features with Jet Hub and allows you to build via your own visual interface the most customer centric communication paths.

Esim - Integrated Mobile solution

Integrated Mobile solution – You now can add a second mobile number to any iPhone or Android smart phone.

Are you stuck with most client calls going to staff’s personal mobile numbers? Are you having to manage a fleet of business mobiles that your staff reluctantly have to carry along with their own personal device? The answer to both those problems is Jet eSim. Jet eSim is an app driven mobile service that can run on any smart phone. It provides a second mobile number that can take and make calls and texts. Now you can provide every staff member with their own company mobile number that can be run
separately on their own device. Your business retains copies of all the calls and messages conveniently within your Jet Hub portal. You can even retain recordings of calls for training and quality assurance. And when staff leave you can remotely disconnect their Jet eSim.


What marketing is driving each inbound call, every agent and staff member, every mobile phone accounted for and all outbound calls. 100% visibility of your business.
Jet is famous for its inbound call tracking, but it has now extended this online reporting capability to business phone and call centre products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Jet will port across your existing phone numbers so that you don’t have to change them. You can also take advantage of Jet’s porting expertise and know how. 

Your existing phone lines either ISDN, PSTN or SIP trunking can all be switched off. Jet’s cloud phone system runs completely via your fixed internet, wifi, 4G & 5G connection.
If your office or home internet is experiencing issues, you can switch to 4G or 5G. This allows you to keep all phone numbers and any phone system features running while your internet is being fixed.
Standard setup can take as little as a couple of hours. Since our system is 100% cloud based we can configure your account and get you logged in quickly.
Jet’s voice network provides HD quality calls. All telephony infrastructure and connections are held locally here in Aus to ensure the fastest connection and no lag. Our softphone applications come standard with call logging to diagnose slow internet connections or poor reception.
Jet’s customer support team is 100% Australian based with expert knowledge of the Jet phone system and Australian telephony. Jet also offers a comprehensive help centre with video training modules on how to use Jet’s systems.
Yes, Jet will provide you with new desk phones and softphone applications to be used with our cloud phone system. Our mobile application will work on your existing smartphone. The devices provided by Jet are fully supported by our team and arrive to you pre-configured ready to plug in and start making calls.
Jet provides our services on month to month contracts. There are no lock in periods or minimum terms. We are confident that once you start using Jet and experience the difference you won’t want to change.

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