Call Recording

Find out how integrated call recording within the Jet network
can help marketing, sales training, customer service and compliance.

Call Recording
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Outbound Call Recording Enabled

Optimise marketing using inbound call tracking and recording

Jet Interactive’s core strength is our detailed inbound call analytics

Unique phone numbers are used in specific advertising and dynamic numbers are used to track the specific online marketing that drives each call.
The type of information that gives you is:

While this information is interesting and it looks like a great lead called into your business by listening to the recording of the call marketers can determine if the call actually was a successful sale from an interested customer and what products and sale value was obtained.

Access your recordings from anywhere in the world

Securely saved in your Jet Hub account for 90 days you can access the recordings on any device.


Flexible Announcement at the beginning of your call

You can use the standard announcement or have a custom one added. It is a regulated requirement to inform a caller that the call will be recorded.

Some businesses prefer to have their agents ask for permission to record within the beginning of their call scripts thus eliminating the requirement for the pre-recorded announcement. This is possible but Jet requires written permission to remove this.


Email Call Recording - An efficient way to keep across vital conversations

The moment a call ends a recording of the call can be emailed to the recipient of your choice. This is great if you are a team leader with numerous staff in different locations.


Manage Recordings within your Jet Hub portal

Every phone call along with its recording can be found in your Jet Hub portal. You can sort and filter recordings based on:

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