Jet Reporting Suite

Call Tracking, Google Analytics, Agent and Business Phone Reporting
Jet Interactive has long been famous for its Call Tracking inbound call analytics product and features, but now Jet has expanded its reporting to include Agent and Call Centre Reporting, and company wide Call Flow analysis.


What advertising
is driving each call - LIVE?

Call Tracking is often described as ‘Google Analytics for phone calls’ as its most popular use is attributing what digital marketing drove each call to your business just as Google Analytics is used to track what digital marketing drove each e-commerce transaction.

That is right with Call Tracking you can see the keyword, the media type and even the page the visitoris looking at when they call.

Besides tracking what digital advertising works best you can also monitor calls from other sources of marketing such as email, automated marketing, social media, TV Radio and press, etc.


Show calls within your
Google Analytics account

While all your inbound and outbound calls are shown within your Jet Call Tracker reports within your Jet Hub portal many people also see great benefit viewing their marketing calls within their Google Analytics.


How are callers getting through your Agents?

Jet’s callflow reports visualise your caller’s journey through your phone system. From the start of a call, how long callers are waiting for when they abandon calls, which IVR options they are selecting and the agents that answer the calls. 

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