Call Tracking

Jet’s Call Tracking reporting shows what
marketing and reporting is behind each call – LIVE
Imagine taking a call on your mobile or desk phone and while asking the caller what their enquiry is about viewing exactly what advertising has driven the call you are on.

That’s right you can view

Call Tracking

Besides tracking what digital advertising works best you can also monitor calls from other sources of marketing such as email, automated marketing, social media, TV Radio and press, etc.

The Call Tracking reports also feature very powerful filters that allow you to break caller via:

Jet’s Call Tracking viewed within Google Analytics

Call Tracking Vs Google Analytics

Call Tracking is often described as ‘Google Analytics for phone calls’ as its most popular use is attributing what digital marketing drove each call to your business just as Google Analytics is used to track what digital marketing drove each e-commerce transaction.

Jet offers you the option to track calls via its Call Tracking reporting and via the most powerful Google Analytics integration on the market. Yes that is right you can also view your Jet calls within your own Google Analytics reports.

Most of the information that is captured within Jet’s Call Tracking is also represented within your Google Analytics account with the following differences:

The different types of Call Tracking

Call Tracking is commonly associated with digital marketing or what is known in the industry as ‘Dynamic Numbers’. There are in fact a number of types of call tracking that need to be understood before you set up your own tracking numbers.

Digital Tracking

Digital marketing is tracked in a number of ways.
There are two main types – On Page Digital and Off Page Digital.

On Page Digital

Also known as Dynamic Numbers, On Page Digital is the tracking and reporting of every visitor to your website that calls your business. On Page Digital comes in two varieties – Session Tracking and Single Source.

Session Tracking – Session Tracking is where you have a dynamic phone number for each visitor on your site.

Source Tracking – You have a set number for each marketing source.

Off Page Digital

You can use Jets Call Tracking numbers within digital ads anywhere across the internet. Place a number in a banner ad or adwords ad and message how many calls are generated

Traditional Advertising – Such as TV, radio and mail can use call tracking numbers within their copy to measure effectiveness

Customer Service & Support – Measure calls from non marketing activities. This is viral for resource management.

The types of business
that use Call Tracking

While almost all businesses can take advantage of Call Tracking reporting some business types make greater advantage of its ability to tracking digital call generation.

Jet finds that business within finance, auto, insurance and education generate the most calls. Businesses where customers do a large level of researching online before calling but are ordering a complex product tend to suit call tracking.

Different Types of call Tracking numbers in Australia

Jet can track using traditional inbound numbers such as 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers along with Local numbers and Australian Mobile numbers.